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Facebook / Meta Custom Anonymous Audience

Facebook (Meta) is a leading ad platform with more than 2.8 billion people using it every single month and together with Google and Amazon, accounting for 75% of global digital ad spending. 

Meiro brings you a more powerful integration with Facebook Ads. Meiro collects the ID of every single website visitor and pairs it with Meiro first-party web ID (to learn more about what makes Meiro Web tracking better, click here).

With Facebook Custom Anonymous Audience, you'd get much greater reach: you can engage all the users through Facebook ads who have provided their consent on your website, irrespective of you having their primary identifiers. Another benefit of this integration is hyper-flexible targeting: Due to the much longer lifetime of the Meiro first-party cookies, you can activate the audiences as per your marketing objectives without worrying about cookie expiration. This becomes a limitation for many other marketing cloud platforms, which can typically only activate this data in the immediate term.

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