Lifting The Veil On Customer Experience In Jakarta

“More than 40% of all data analytics projects will relate to customer experience by 2020.” – Gartner

Meiro hosted our very first Meiro Talk in Jakarta last Wednesday. Having seen that the topic of CX in Singapore was so well received, we knew it would be a relevant topic to bring to Indonesia. Our panellists which included Agni Isa Ambara (Head of Marketing Technology at Mirum Agency), Nanda Makes (Digital Strategist at British American Tobacco), Aldila Septiadi (Head of CRM & Big Data Analytics at Unilever), Guy Kellaway (Communications Director at Nestlé Indonesia) and moderator, Pavel Bulowski (COO of Meiro, Co-founder She Loves Data) were greeted by an energetic crowd for an evening discussion which left did not leave anyone short of insights inspiration on improving CX in their business. We would also like to thank our event partner, JustCo, for an amazing space at AIA Central, Jakarta.

When bringing up customer experience, especially in the digital space, there are many brands that have multiple online touchpoints with their consumer. Buying online advertisements, whether on Google or on social media is simple but the question is really – Does your customer care? Good CX is essentially to reduce friction and provide value whenever a customer interacts with a brand.

“With technology such as IoT, the future is here.” – Aldila Septiadi (Head of CRM & Big Data Analytics at Unilever)

Brands are working hard to make their presence felt. However, in some cases noticed in the FMCG sector, a B2B2C model makes it challenging to obtain important data, such as transactional data. Without transactional data, businesses can lose the opportunity of being present at the right time. But with technology, the future is optimistic. With digital advancements such as Internet of Things (IoT), there will be more ways to connect people to products.

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Why the rise of Customer Experience now, in 2019?

“Data and insights are where we begin and not where we end.” – Nanda Makes (Digital Strategist at British American Tobacco)

Imagine a scenario where when you walk up to the counter at the coffee store you frequent and the staff already knows what you want? They then proceed to ask if you would like to sample a new type of coffee from Vietnam because they recall that you mentioned enjoying Vietnamese coffee from your recent trip there. Doesn’t it elevate your experience and make you feel warm and welcomed?

A huge part of customer experience is building a relationship with brands and consumers and this concept is not a new one. So why is the topic of CX only so salient now?

Data companies are surpassing oil & gas companies at the top due to their wealth of data. In particular, these companies use customer data to enrich a customer profile. And in 2019, where touchpoints are increasingly connected, delivering a good experience is key to being ahead of the rest.

“It is not about the price, it is about the experience.” – Agni Isa Ambara (Head of Marketing Technology at Mirum Agency)

Today, when customers are looking to purchase, their decision can very much be determined by the experience they had. Discounted prices may be a short term tactic to get customers but the key in retaining them lies in the ability to relate to their pain points. CX is important but it can also get complex and it can be tempting to see technology as an answer. For businesses building their own CX strategy, one piece of advice – Keep an eye on what your business objective is to avoid getting lost and overdoing.

What makes a great customer experience?

“All I care is at each touchpoint, they recognised who I am” – Guy Kellaway (Communications Director at Nestlé Indonesia)

It’s no surprise – The vision starts with the consumer. Consumer-centric companies can also be termed ‘outside-in companies’. Business solutions are built around consumer pain points. Efforts are put in to get to know the customer. Once there is an understanding is achieved, brands can use that for testing to gain better insights and change the experience for the customer.

At the end of the day, great customer experience is when the brand recognises the consumers at all touchpoints. The work that goes behind creating noticeable advertisements or content may not be recognised if brands are unable to see reality through their consumers’ eyes.

In the digital age, what constitutes a good experience can be derived from metrics that reflect what the consumer is thinking. Brands need to break down their consumers’ journey and review various opportunities and threats. Delivering a great customer experience also needs to make economic sense as businesses need to balance resources and manpower for the benefit of both brand and consumers.

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How should brands think about measuring customer experience?

Reviewing the customer journey is a good place to start because businesses can often tie certain behaviour and brand goals to a particular phase. A basic example where consideration can be tied to webpage duration time and loyalty to consumption trends. Metrics can be used to help organisations track for consistency and identify gaps in their strategies. They are also used to justify investments and forecast future goals.

But on the flip-side, metrics and KPIs could unintentionally encourage employees to merely ‘hit the numbers’ without actually causing any value to customers. Having too many or silo-ed KPIs could make it challenging for teams to make any conclusive insights. In some cases, the inability to unify data could end up with KPIs that contradict each other. Businesses have to move past the old model of retrofitting KPIs into a marketing funnel. The funnel now acts just as an indicator but it rarely gives context about whether initiatives are truly impactful.

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