Meiro Achieves "High Performer" and "Easiest To Do Business With" Badges in G2’s Summer 2024 Report

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In G2's Summer 2024 report, Meiro was awarded multiple "High Performer" badges and an "Easiest To Do Business With" badge! This achievement in the Customer Data Platform (CDP) category comes from Meiro’s exceptional satisfactory ratings and is a testimony to our client-centric approach.

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Meiro has been recognised as a High Performer in Customer Data Platforms due to its exceptional customer satisfaction scores and a strong presence in the market. All users rated 4 or 5 stars, with 100% expressing confidence in its future direction, and 95% indicating they would recommend Meiro to others. This accolade from G2 highlights our dedication to providing top-tier solutions, flexibility, and outstanding customer experiences in the customer data platform (CDP) industry.

Meiro: A High Performing Customer Data Platform

The G2 Summer 2024 report is a testament to Meiro’s performance, rating high in the top percentile of industry standards in Satisfaction Ratings and Highest Rated Features across the Customer Data Platform category.

Meiro's designation as a "High Performer" in G2’s Summer 2024 report highlights our dedication to excellence and innovation in the CDP sphere. This recognition is based on peer reviews, high user satisfaction scores, and a strong market presence. Meiro scored past the average ratings with 98% in Quality of Support, 99% in Meets Requirements, 94% in Ease of Use, and 91% in Ease of Setup. Our robust features and continuous improvements ensure that our platform remains at the forefront of the industry, helping businesses manage and leverage their data effectively.

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100/100 Ease of Doing Business With: A Testimony to Client-Centric Approach

Being awarded the "Easiest to Work With" badge reflects Meiro's unwavering commitment to user experience and customer satisfaction. Scoring 100% in Ease of Doing Business With, this accolade is a testament to the seamless integration, user-friendly interface, and exceptional support services that we provide. We understand that managing and activating data can be complex, and our goal is to make it as straightforward and efficient as possible for our users with an experienced customer success team that actively facilitates fast time-to-value, implementation of CDP use cases, and ongoing consulting support.

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What Sets Meiro Apart: Delivering Value Across Features

The G2 report also highlighted Meiro’s Highest-Rated Features and Lowest-Rated Features. The Highest Rated Features included Multiple Devices at 97%, Data Enrichment at 97%, and Expandability. Here is the kicker: even the Lowest-Rated Features scores past the average percentile in Content Marketing at 90% and Recommendation Engine at 91%.

This comprehensive performance demonstrates Meiro's consistent excellence across all functionalities, delivering high-quality features, even in areas typically challenging for other providers.

Hear from Our Customers

Our customers' feedback is a vital part of our success as we provide customer data solutions across industries, including banking, financial services, and insurance, retail and e-commerce, media and publishers. Here are some testimonials from users who have experienced the Meiro difference:

"They have a team of professionals who make onboarding smooth. They provide great guidance, and I can honestly say that their knowledge comes from extensive experience. If I am thinking about CDP and how it should look within the company, I truly believe that Meiro CDP is a benchmark."

Peter Tomko, Group Data Strategist, Dr.Max Pharmacy Chain

"Meiro has streamlined our processes, enriched our data, and provided invaluable customer insights, enhancing our campaign approach and efficiency. The exceptional support from the Meiro team has been instrumental in our success. I highly recommend Meiro CDP to businesses aiming to optimise marketing strategies and drive growth."

Kent Len, Head of Performance Marketing, Chemist Warehouse

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