Meiro Business Explorer: IP address blacklisting for web banners

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Pavel Bulowski

CPO | Co-Founder

Another improvement of Meiro Business Explorer gives our users more options when creating web banners and using condition operators. Web banners: IP address condition Use the new IP address condition to restrict (blacklist) certain IP addresses from seeing the web banner. The new condition is available for both pop up and embedded web banners under the condition type Device: IP address. 👉 Learn more Copy-paste multiple values into multi-value editors When using condition operators that accept multiple values such as contains-any-of, equals-any-of you can now paste multiple values at once, by simply copy-pasting a text which contains them as a comma-separated list.

pavel bulowski
Pavel Bulowski

Pavel stands behind all the smooth operations and business growth. You would run into him in the queue at airports rather than in one place. Besides that, he enjoys chess, boxing, and history.