Data availability

Meiro CDP makes your data available for every business unit. Marketers and customer experience teams can build rich custom audiences on-the-fly, business intelligence teams have clean and comprehensive data to analyze, and more.

An expert-level experience, without the effort.

Meiro CDP uses a non-technical interface that’s easy to use for every member of your organisation, no matter their prior expertise – even if they’re non-technical! Build custom audiences, micro-segments and lookalike audiences in seconds with just a few clicks.

Data availability

Across touchpoints. Across locations.

Interconnect each of your touchpoints with a seamless machine to machine synchronization, to leverage behavioral signals for deeper personalizations and richer profiles. All this safe and secure, and wherever you need the data to go – whether on-premise or in a private cloud.

Efficient equals effective.

Your data is directly available in the databases you own and control. So you get clean, consolidated and standardized data that’s ready to use for your Business Intelligence teams, for advanced analytics modelling, your data science team or whatever else you think of. Without wasting a single minute on needless data prep.

Next Generation Data Availability

Meiro CDP stops at the last mile of activation – not acting as a replacement for your marketing automation, customer experience or business intelligence tools. But instead, letting you to use these tools far more effectively by making high-quality, cleaner data available to them.

Our single-customer view that clients love is made possible by superior data engineering – machine learning and AI. Allowing you to build custom segments for sharper, more targeted efforts. All the data you want, however you want it, and wherever you need it to be – the very core of our value proposition.