Meiro partners up with Adjust to create a comprehensive customer experience across devices

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Meiro has partnered with Adjust, a global app marketing platform, to help brands create a comprehensive customer experience across devices

Quinn Pham

Director, Consulting & Client Solutions

Having a comprehensive customer experience becomes increasingly pivotal for brands. Most of them are dealing with many potential blanks in the customer journey. At the same time, customers expect brands to be able to understand and speak to them. While they jump from device to device, without skipping a beat. Brands now face the problem of piecing together a current, coherent, and most importantly detailed customer identity. All from the sea of data points created during every customer contact with the brand across the web, app, email, and beyond. Meiro has partnered with Adjust, a global app marketing platform, to help brands overcome this. This tech partnership will empower Meiro’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) users with the ability to apply data-driven marketing and create a consistent customer experience across devices and apps.


How this partnership will benefit you

Imagine being able to identify and understand when, where, and how your customers are interacting with your brand. Even across mobile phones, computers, and even in your store. Knowing that, you can create better marketing campaigns that are well-targeted and personalised. Achieving a comprehensive customer experience. This tech partnership allows you to do exactly that. As a Meiro CDP user, you will get a full picture of your customer journey and correlate your in-app behaviour with offline behaviour.  You can track and monitor your customer journey in real-time, at scale, across channels and devices, while complying with industry privacy standards.

How does this work?

Meiro uses APIs to collect real-time data across the whole customer lifecycle. It uses this to create complete customer profiles and the ability to execute smarter marketing and ad activation. Adjust sends Meiro attribution and in-app event data in real-time. Letting you see which channels your users start their journey for better customisation and to max out the return on ad spend (ROAS). Blog-img-1.png

How Meiro CDP and Adjust work together[/caption] At Meiro, we strive to guide businesses in unlocking the potential of customer and user data. We achieve that by solving data fragmentation using a flexible platform that makes data to be easily accessed and understood. To do so, we will keep looking for ways to enable our clients to leverage on new trends and technologies. If customer experience is the key for your business and staying relevant is important too, Meiro CDP might be for you.

More about Meiro’s CDP

Meiro CDP identifies your customers across various touchpoints online & offline and brings their actions into a single golden customer view. Meiro offers versatile hosting in any cloud as well as on-premise. It creates a user-friendly overview of your audience which can be easily segmented and used in any marketing platform. Your data are organized, easily accessible, and secured in one place. Meiro is helping to track hundreds of million customer profiles for clients in Central Europe, Australia, but mostly in Southeast Asia to achieve their business goals and deliver great CX. Find out more at

More about Adjust

Adjust is a global app marketing platform. Born at the heart of the mobile app economy and grown out of passion for technology, the company has 16 offices around the world. In total, more than 40,000 apps have implemented Adjust’s solutions to secure their budgets and improve marketing results. Find out more at

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