Secure customer data, grow your business, and deliver an outstanding CX with Meiro Customer Data Platform

Customer data platform unifies your customer data from online and offline channels to enable analytics, customer modeling, and activates the data to optimize the customer experience.

    Full stack CDP

    From data integration, cleaning, and management to data activation – All in one.

    Your data under your control

    Designed for private hosting in cloud or on-premise, anywhere in the world. Meiro goes beyond data residency to direct control.


    Hundreds of connectors and loaders available on demand, Super fast, low code implementation. Not all CDPs started as data integration platform, but we did.


    Identity graph management allows single view of customers or household and supports B2B & B2C use cases


    Pre-built audience segmentation and insights for immediate analysis and activation by business users

    Customer Data Platform

      100% data control

      We go beyond data residency with private installations. Meiro CDP keeps the most sensitive asset of your business – the customer data – safe under your control in hosting of your choice, our cloud, your cloud, or any cloud. Naturally on premise as well. Your data in your hands and your hands only.

      Customer Data Platform

      Collect Online & Offline data from any source

      Data Integrations is the first thing we’ve built, that’s why we offer limitless integration both ways – extracting data from all your core systems like CRM, DMP, Loyalty program, or company Data Warehouse. We have over hundreds of most used data sources connected to our CDP. And never failed in connecting a new one.

      Customer Data Platform

      Intimate knowledge of your customers with Single Customer View

      When you have all the behavioral, demographic, and transactional data of your customers, their detailed journey of interactions with your brand, you can deliver marvelous CX. Imagine how much would your ROI increase if you could look at the detailed Single Customer Profile and deliver the customer what he needs.

      Customer Data Platform

      Activate your customer data with one click

      Meiro supports the activation of your data and its delivery where you need it the most: Ad buying, DMP, Customer Care, CRM and much more. By activating our rich audiences in ad platforms our clients see double-digit growth in their audience match-rate.

      Customer Data Platform

      Marketing segmentation has never been easier

      Real-time segmentation of your audience with cross-reference data from different sources – CDP lets you easily filter any aspects of customer behavior. Pre-built audience segments with thousands of options allow you to serve the right content at the right time to the right customer to increase loyalty and optimize your budget spend.

      Powerful analytical tool solving your data fragmentation. Designed for business users

      Our CDP is designed for business users – usually business intelligence, sales or marketing teams. You can also give access to external partners such as marketing agencies without revealing sensitive data.

        David Raab, Founder of CDP Institute

        Brands today are eager to meet customer expectations for consistent, personalized treatment throughout their relationship. To achieve this, companies need Customer Data Platforms to combine that data into complete, unified profiles, enabling businesses to give each customer the best possible experience across all channels.