Meiro product updates: website personalization with web banners

Personalization is a must. It is known that marketers that use personalized web experiences are getting higher returns in performance and responses.  Personalization increases revenue, sales, conversion and ensures exceptional customer experience (source). It is proven that  70% of companies that use advanced personalization are seeing 200% ROI or more , or even more than 300% if used across customer journey (source). Customers wish their content to be accurate and tailored to their needs and preferences. In the times of going digital, we are geting impatient. Here personalization plays an important role, as it helps to catch their attention and focus.

It is not enough to simply display a general message “welcome to our website, sign up for our newsletter to not miss out on new content” for all visitors. It is far much more effective to target the right audience e.g. for users that are new “welcome to our website, sign up for our newsletter to not miss out on new content”, but for the ones that are already signed (and you know it thanks to Meiro CDP) maybe select the thank you message “thank you for coming back to us, check out our newest article in the blog.” In this way you can display the right message to the right audience. That counts especially if you pay for the ad, then precision matters even more.  

Displaying a newsletter web banner for each and every customer may be really overwhelming.

How can Meiro help with personalization?

First of all, Meiro connects customer data from various data sources (be it online or offline), it holds a more complete view of customers, their actions, preferences, hence is easier to predict how they may behave.

Now is possible within Meiro not only to:

  • segment audience you wish to show web banner to,
  • build and manage the web banner itself,
  • measure and report on its impact,
  • view it in the activity of an individual customers, 
  • segment customers based on their behaviour towards web banners.

How does it  work practically?

Imagine your customer ordered baby products and you get to know the baby’s date of birth. As little one is growing, promote products specific for baby’s age (growing teeth, starting to walk, learning to speak). On the other hand, you do not want to by mistake send a pregnant woman promo for a product suitable for teenanger. With Meiro it is simple, segment the audience that you know the baby’s age for and choose exactly the web banner you wish to display with the exact product.

What does marketing precision have to do with it? 

Well, exact segmentation & personalization increases chances for better precision marketing (retail, upsell, cross-sell). 

Retail: segment customers that abandoned shopping cards, send them a message with a promotion code that will display on the website to them;

Upsell/ cross-sell: Segment customers who bought a certain product and see what other higher end purchase they may be interested in or other related products. Personalize web banners and promote similar products to them.  

There are various types of web banners worth considering. Let’s look at some examples:

  • promotions/ discounts/ vouchers targeting a specific audience,
  • product recommendations, content promotion, promotions of clubs or memberships
  • assisted conversion,
  • newsletter sign up 

and more…

Learn more about web banners with hands on tutorials.

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Karina Lapawa

Product Manager and Researcher Karina is our product master who takes care of product roadmap, product releases, managing user testing, and coming up with all the new handy features helping our clients to manage their data better. She's a true nature lover and enjoys hiking in the mountains more than anything.

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