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To increase app retention and create marketing opportunities, businesses relying on a mobile app to interact with customers must utilize personalized push notifications.

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Elina Safargulova

Brand & Marketing Lead

Let’s talk about mobile push notifications. If you own a smartphone, then chances are you receive them daily. And suppose your business relies on a mobile app to interact with customers. In that case, there is a 100% certainty that you need to use personalized push notifications to drive your app retention and create more marketing opportunities by engaging with the users in a meaningful way. 

The key word is personalization, as stats show that making the content of your push message specific to your customer can quadruple its open rate

Meiro’s new channel, Mobile Push, can help you do exactly that:

Utilize the entirety of collected customer data to craft and send out personalized push notifications to the desired audience segments to maximize your brand engagement, ROI, and user experience.

Mobile Push is now available across all customer instances and is included in the standard CDP package. Yes, this awesome feature (like the rest of them) comes at no additional cost

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Here are a few ways how you can personalize push messaging with Meiro Mobile Push:

Send only relevant promos and updates

Know your customer and use data-driven insights to your advantage. Launch custom push campaigns leveraging insights into their name, behavior, location, time zone, favorite product categories, and more. Notify your users about hot deals and special offers, send promo codes, and make sure to create a sense of urgency around your campaign 😉

Boost conversions and prevent churn

What if your user has abandoned his shopping cart? Or did he not log in for seven days? Or has your prospect not completed his registration in the first place? Anticipate all these scenarios and be ready to win your users back by sending them a gentle, personalized push with a friendly call to action. Be a pro at this — optimize your open rates by timing those messages for the hours when users are most active.

Build loyalty with personalized transactional notifications

This feature can be used across all industries, from banking to retail, to make the user journey seamless and your customer interactions valuable. Use Meiro’s Mobile Push to notify customers that their order has been shipped, loan approved, or password changed. A quick tip: adjust the frequency of sending push notifications — depending on the business, “the more, the better” is not always a reliable rule of thumb. 

Our panel of experts consisted of the following:

  • Mitigate risks by identifying potential fraudulent activities through real-time analysis of customer behaviors and anomaly detection.
  • Mitigate risks by identifying potential fraudulent activities through real-time analysis of customer behaviors and anomaly detection.
  • Shyam Ravishankar, Global Head of Agency Partnerships at Moving Walls

Here are more tips and tricks on how to make the most of your push notifications with Meiro:

Read our blog: Learn about best practices for mobile push personalization

Visit the documentation: Every use case for your mobile push

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