Enable your customer data in Facebook, Google Ads now in Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads Meiro CDP

A big trend we can see among all the big advertising brands is to enable the uploading of customer data. Facebook custom audiences are not so new in the advertising space. The integration between Meiro CDP and big ad brands will not surprise you. You can easily check the list of any integrations on our Integration page.

The trend in advertising is perceptible. Companies such as Facebook (Meta), Google, or Seznam.cz are allowing you to upload your own customer list. Your own data actionable in advertising systems mean precision in your marketing as well as an increase in the marketing ROI.

Hot news: Twitter

In 2021 Twitter announced a change and Tailored Audiences became Custom Audiences which are accessible via API. And you’re guessing it right, we are bringing a new integration with Twitter Ads to our Meiro CDP users.

Activate audiences from Meiro with Twitter Ads Audience loader. Start reaching your existing and potential customers! How is it done? Easily in Meiro CDP Segmentation as any other existing destination, but you can learn more details about how to set Twitter Ads Audience loaders in Meiro Integrations here.

Twitter Ads Meiro CDP

Twitter Ads is an addition to host other advertising platforms

And that’s not all, check other components that are currently available.

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Dominika Vamberska

Marketing Manager Domi switched from a law career to follow a much more fun and interesting path – online marketing. Interested in data science and new technology, she joined the Meiro marketing team and specializes in partner and content marketing. Apart from that, she is born and bred in Brno.

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