Meiro has a new strategic partner Reprise Digital

Meiro and Reprise Digital have joined forces to provide data-driven, individualized experiences for Middle East customers as a preferred reseller of Meiro Customer Data Platform. The partnership will focus on delivering long-term value for businesses by using customer data that is extensive, meaningful, and ethically managed. Both companies have successfully run projects in the past with clients in South East Asia, where they have proven this approach.

Reprise Digital delivers data-driven solutions to the businesses

Reprise Digital is a global leader in performance marketing and delivers tools and services that analyze customer behavior and provide data-driven marketing solutions. Reprise Digital is the world’s largest performance marketing network, with over 3,000 experts in 68 offices in 48 markets. 

Meiro – A Customer Data Platform delivering an all-in-one customer data tool

Meiro is a tech company based in Singapore with a strong presence in Southeast Asia, Australia, and Central Europe. Meiro integrates online & offline customer data from any touchpoint into one easy-to-use platform. A customer data platform generates a real-time Single Customer View, including customer insights, audience segmentation, and predictive features that can be activated across all marketing/sales channels. 

A strategic alliance to drive long-term business value in UAE

Meiro CDP’s flexibility offers cloud or on-premise hosting which meets the needs of companies in UAE that Reprise Digital works with and represents. We are aware of privacy concerns in the Middle East specifically in relation to government entities and certain countries that still require customer data to be locally stored on an organization’s infrastructure. Meiro and Reprise Digital together are able to offer companies a data solution that perfectly fits their business needs and complies with local laws. 

Jana Marlé-Zizkova and Stuart Mackey

With Meiro CDP, clients have immediate access to real-time customer data management tools, which enable them to achieve personalization objectives and goals. Furthermore, immediate access to customer data improves marketing performance, and customer satisfaction, and allows businesses to make decisions based on their own data. Meiro has limitless connectivity to any data source and the clients are not limited even when they use a custom data source. 

Meiro CDP has the unique ability to be deployed on-premise or in the cloud to meet the strictest privacy laws in regulated industries. In addition, Meiro’s customer data platform helps to emphasize customer experience, lifetime value, and loyalty.” adds Jana Marle-Zizkova, Meiro co-founder and CEO.

Commenting on this new partnership Stuart Mackay, Managing Director of Reprise Digital, says:

“With regards to the digital marketing realm, CDPs are critical for brands embarking on their 1st party data journey. This technology will significantly alter client marketing, customer care, and online and offline marketing through the delivery of personalized communications. If we are to provide our clients with the highest quality marketing services, we must offer them solutions that we know will improve their business.

The partnership with Meiro includes not only the technology itself but also a close connection to the customer data industry. With this partnership, Reprise Digital will gain another strong technological ally as well as close access to data and digital trends information from industry experts.”

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