Meiro Business Explorer updates: personalization with web banners

Meiro Business Explorer opens a new chapter of website personalization with web banners.

How it works 

Design web banner content, colours, fonts, location, and more within Meiro Business Explorer. Set up rules for it to be displayed on the website.  Web banners are fully customizable. Track web banner performance back in Meiro, segment based on web banner impressions, and check how customers reacted.

For example, display web banners for:

  • customers that logged in to the shopping basket but did not buy,
  • loyal customers that bought less than 1 year ago but more than 1 month ago

Promote a particular product that you think customers visiting a specific website may be interested in,

Gather more information about customers through the forms based on the customer behaviour (e.g., interest in webinar page, shopping history, activity history).

Send an ebook for new customers who stay on your website longer.



Personalization significantly increases the efficiency of marketing & saves marketing budgets (source). It is proven that  70% of companies that use advanced personalization see 200% ROI, or even more than 300% if used across customer journey (source). It also increases brand loyalty and helps to deal with more  impatient customers.   Web banners allow content personalization  to the right audience and display it at the right moment. 

Learn more about web banners, their influence on marketing, and everyday use cases here.

Pavel Bulowski

CMO | Co-Founder Pavel stands behind all the smooth operations and business growth. You would run into him in the queue at airports rather than in one place. Besides that, he enjoys chess, boxing, and history.

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