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Meiro is excited to announce a new partnership with ADA Asia – a data and artificial intelligence marketing agency with a strong presence across multiple markets in Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh).

Pavel Bulowski

CPO | Co-Founder

Meiro is excited to announce a new partnership with ADA Asia – a data and artificial intelligence marketing agency with a strong presence across multiple markets in Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh) - to drive better marketing results.


ADA brings marketing, business, and AI together

ADA is a well-respected agency focused on performance marketing for various clients in APAC. ADA designs and executes integrated digital, analytics, and marketing solutions. Also provides business insights, data enrichment, and advanced analytics using AI to design data-driven and creative marketing strategies and business goal optimisation. Beyond performance marketing, ADA has been helping clients in data and marketing technology consulting to deliver better marketing results through great CX and also providing training for clients' digital marketing transformation.

What makes this partnership unique easy an implementation of CDP and local support from ADA – an experienced partner who helps driving execution and adoption of CDP with the added value of intimate knowledge and working experience in the respective markets in the region. Commenting on the partnership with ADA, Jana Marle Zizkova, CEO, Meiro, said, “We are thrilled to partner with ADA as we believe this partnership will enable our clients to drive better results from optimal utilization of Meiro Customer Data Platform. We see many organizations shifting from product to customer-centric model of operation to optimize the customer experience. The success of digital transformation projects lies in the ability to align technology with defined new digital strategies, restructuring the processes, updating the skillset of the teams, and redefining the measurements. This is where ADA's expertise will come in to bridge the gap" ADA Asia has been also leveraging data, especially with its proprietary DMP – XACT – of 400 million mobile devices, to drive client business growth through performance marketing.

ADA’s XACT and latest Mobile solution paired with Meiro CDP will drive precise personalisation and customer lifetime value growth.

Meiro CDP – the real 1:1 personalization and great CX

Meiro CDP consolidates all company's customer data from every touchpoint – online and offline and creates a single view of your customers. Business users are enabled to use this information to improve customer experience, profitability, maximize customer lifetime value, retention, and more. Our company focuses on building a great product – Customer Data Platform with an intuitive UX and the ability to connect almost any source or destination. The data which are normally difficult to store, connect, and share with internal and external teams are easily reachable for CDP users. A couple of clicks and a user is able to create a detailed customer segment and activate this data in any marketing platform.

Benefits of the joint solution

Meiro CDP and ADA technology solution will help the clients to leverage first-party data, delivering a great customer experience through marketing technology, and also providing enablement and training for clients' digital marketing transformation. ADA is using our product to deploy the solution to drive better marketing campaigns, help brands bring down the cost of technology by optimizing their stack, and increase their performance marketing effort. This directly leads to better retention of marketing campaigns and delivering great CX. With Meiro CDP and ADA partnership, clients will smoothly increase ROI and save money with precise marketing targeting. “We are excited to celebrate this new milestone in announcing our partnership with Meiro. Their Customer Data Platform and rich experience in data engineering and data integration will complement ADA’s array of offerings and data consulting expertise for our clients and people. With an increased demand for seamless customer journeys across brand interactions, this partnership will drive end-to-end performance marketing solutions.” said Vittorio Furlan, Head of Business Insights, ADA**.**

Digital marketing 2.0

Nowadays, the digital ecosystem rapidly involves and advertising agencies are under massive pressure. It is not enough to execute media buying plans anymore. We watch the smart marketing agencies evolve into consulting partners to help with shaping the marketing, sales and even product strategy. The best of them combine art, creativity and new technology with processes.

This is the reason Meiro's focused on building strategic alliances such as this. With a solid partnership, we can bring great tech to the table and help clients to achieve better marketing results.

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