The best of 2023: Recap of great product innovations

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In 2023, we concentrated on enhancing activation features within our data management technology. These updates underscore our dedication to expanding marketing automation capabilities and delivering impactful omnichannel communication. Throughout the year, we introduced key innovations like Mobile Push, a revamped User Interface, Email Channel integration, and an AI-powered content assistant.

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Pavel Bulowski

CPO | Co-Founder

As we bid farewell to 2023, allow us to reflect on the remarkable strides we've made at Meiro throughout the year.

It's been an exceptional year filled with innovation and noteworthy core product updates in line with our commitment to delivering the best product for customer engagement and giving the power of data to business users.

Let's take a closer look at the highlights of Meiro's evolution in 2023:

1. Mobile Push channel for app engagement

We added the Mobile Push feature to our toolkit, allowing Meiro users to engage customers through personalized app notifications directly from the CDP interface.

  • Segment your audience to a granular level based on a myriad of data attributes and tailor push notifications to target the right users at the right time with the right content for maximum open rates.
  • Utilize CDP's rich insights and predictive behavioral signals to optimize your push notification strategy, ensuring unprecedented engagement, impact, and growth for your app.

mobile push

Use case inspiration for app notifications

  • E-commerce: Alert customers to new arrivals or restocks based on their browsing/purchase history.
  • BFSI: Notify policyholders about policy renewals or claim status updates.

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2. Interface revamp for streamlined efficiency

We redesigned the Meiro CDP interface for more clarity and improved usability, making it more intuitive with a user-friendly side menu and navigation bar.

3. Email channel for simplified campaign management

In 2023, Meiro introduced a new built-in Email marketing channel, allowing users to effortlessly manage email marketing campaigns from start to finish without leaving the Meiro interface:

  • You have the flexibility to choose your preferred sending provider for seamless campaign management.
  • Supported MTA integrations include, but are not limited to, providers such as MailJet, Infobip, Mailgun, SendGrid, Omnivery, and many others.
  • Our user-friendly Visual Editor requires no coding or graphic design skills, making it easy to create stunning email templates.
  • You can use customize pre-configured templates for a quick start with email marketing.
  • Additionally, you can upload your own HTML templates for even more control over your brand identity's appearance.

email marketing feature

Use case inspiration for email marketing

  • E-commerce: Automate cart abandonment emails or send tailored product recommendations.
  • BFSI: Distribute personalized investment tips or informative financial updates.

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4. Lookalike Segments to expand your audience reach

Another addition to the core fetures were Lookalike Segments. These are specifically designed to enhance your marketing campaigns by broadening your reach and boosting conversion rates.

What sets Meiro's Lookalike Segments apart from traditional lookalike modeling in 3rd-party advertising platforms are the following key advantages:

  • Meiro's Lookalike Segments make use of customized CDP attributes tailored to your business and analyze historical customer behavior. This enables you to precisely identify prospects within your CDP database, ensuring that you targeting is highly accurate and relevant to your campaign goals.
  • Dive deeper into the Lookalike Segment insights and gain a better understanding of your audience characteristics to optimize your messaging and campaign mechanics.
  • Seamlessly target lookalikes in email and mobile push channels to market to a broader and highly relevant audience without leaving Meiro interface. No exports or CSV manipulation is required.
  • In contrast to 3rd-party ad platforms, our Lookalike Segments can be easily exported to virtually ANY channel you prefer. You can target expanded audiences across platforms like Meta Ads, Google, HubSpot, or any other destination available through Meiro Integrations.

Lookalike Segments Meiro

Use case inspiration for lookalike audiences

  • BFSI: Target prospects similar to high-value clients for personalized lead acquisition campaigns.
  • Retail Media: Expand the audiences offered in vendor marketing to maximize ad relevance and likelihood of engagement in order to scale your retail media strategy and improve business results.
  • E-commerce: Maximize your revenue potential by implementing Lookalike Segments in cross-selling campaigns, reaching users with an affinity for specific products or content.

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5. AI content assistant to unleash your creativity

Save time with content creation and get inspired by suggestions from an AI-powered tool built into native channels in Meiro CDP.

Practical tips:

  • Create HTML code for email web banner templates.
  • Prompt the AI assistant to generate text copy for email, push, and web personalization campaigns.

ai assistant meiro CDP

6. System entities for streamlined processes

We've also introduced a powerful enhancement that simplifies workflows: a set of sources, events, attributes, and stitching rules that the system automatically generates once your channel is configured correctly.

This upgrade brings significant benefits to the table:

  • These newly created entities are designed to ensure the seamless operation of your communication channels, effectively reducing the risk of human error in the configuration process.
  • Automatic generation of these entities translates into considerable time savings for the analysts. Rather than spending valuable hours manually configuring entities, they can now focus on more strategic tasks, contributing to greater efficiency in your operations.

7. Server Side GTM: New standard In Meiro implementation

We've embraced server-side Google Tag Manager for more robust and reliable data handling. Here are the gains:

  • Faster web tracking implementation = faster time-to-value.
  • Enhanced control and customization in data tracking.

8. Attribute Simulator for risk-free testing

We've added a simulated environment for safe and effective attribute testing, enabling the opportunity to refine attributes and minimize errors before going live.

9. Autoload for true real-time data processing

We've streamlined the extraction of customer events. Here's why it is good news:

  • It leads to faster and more precise, real-time events data processing.
  • It simplifies the deployment process, significantly reducing errors during data integration.

10. Limitless connectivity

We continue building connectors, loaders, and webhooks to ensure smooth operations and data exchange. Here are some of the most prominent ones we've added in 2023:

11. Kubernetes support

We're pleased to share that Meiro CDP now seamlessly supports Kubernetes!

This integration simplifies the deployment process, making it easier for businesses to manage and scale their customer data platform effortlessly. With Kubernetes compatibility, Meiro CDP ensures a smooth, flexible, and efficient experience for the users.

In conclusion

2023 was a year of progress that was made possible with invaluable feedback from our clients and partners.

We appreciate your trust and look forward to continuing our innovation journey together in the years ahead!

If you wish to learn even more about the improvements and product updates made in 2023, visit our documentation.

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