Personalize CX to anonymous visitors

Reengage and convert unauthenticated users with web personalization thanks to 1st-party tracking.

Client’s challenges:

The customer journey begins long before the customer shares any personally identifiable information, such as an email with a brand.

In an era where the first impression can make or break a customer relationship, addressing customers with relevant experiences before they “have introduced themselves” is a must for any business that wants to thrive.

Without a 1st-party data solution in place, brands cannot identify returning visitors before they sign up or make their first purchase and, therefore, meaningfully engage with them.

As a result, brands neglect 95-99% of their web traffic, deliver generic experiences and irrelevant offers for unauthenticated visitors. This hinders conversion rates and customer satisfaction leading brands to miss out on purchases and, ultimately, revenues.

Meiro’s solutions:

The game-changing Customer Data Platform technology enables tracking of anonymous visitors from their very first interaction enabling marketers to deliver personalized and consistent omnichannel experiences from the start.

  • Meiro does not rely only on PII identifiers such as emails to identify customers.
  • CDP collects various data such as browsing history,and technographics that can further inform decision-making and personalization engine.
  • Profiles of unauthenticated customers are stored long-term and enriched with 1st-party data with every single interaction.
  • The data is immediately available for segmentation and personalized activation for remarketing and recommendation campaigns.

With these insights, companies can drive conversion rates and customer satisfaction with personalized experiences — companies leveraging Meiro CDP have seen a remarkable +23% increase in conversion rates in campaigns targeted at unauthenticated users.

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Looking for ways to improve campaign performance, find new customers, and drive revenue?

Look no further — unleash the full potential of your customer data with Meiro.

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