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Understand each car buyer with CDP

 An average person buys 9.4 cars per life and customers’ journeys have become more digital than ever. To bring unique customer experience automotive companies need to exploit their own data.
The global market for car data cloud will grow as high as $750 billion by 2030 and more than 250 million connected vehicles will be on the roads by 2020. This creates an opportunity for automotive companies to get ready for the new data era which is starting right now. 

This is how Single Customer View of a car buyer feels like

Meiro CDP automatically connects data sources, cleanse your data and presents them in an intuitive app for business users. It’s easy – from raw data, to valuable insights, and then to action in seconds!

Want to know how CDP can help you?

Unlock the full potential
of your customer data

Big Data

Automotive industry not only deals with the customer data for marketing purposes but also with the data about their products and its service life. Meiro can combine all the data sources into one tool available for internal or external teams while complying strict safety regulations. Without giving access to any third party – you are the ultimate owner of your data.

Diversity of customers

The automotive industry is creating a variety of products suitable for a wide range of customers. They have different interests, locations, income, age, and they are also buying a car in a different stage of life. Meiro CDP allows you to easily access the insights of your customers to use this knowledge and improve marketing campaigns or other activities.

Data activation

Activation at the right touchpoints is the key. From customer support communication, in-store experience, website, to notifications in a mobile app – Meiro is here to help you to deliver 1:1 personalized message, great CX to win your customer’s loyalty. Segments of your choice can be sent to any marketing tool available with a few clicks.

How can Automotive Manufactures use CDP

The automotive industry is shaped by digitalization, technology innovation, and privacy regulations. At the same time, vehicles have become increasingly more complex and the whole relationship with a customer generates more and more data. See how you can use the behavioural data to predict the future steps.

Business Problem

Customer behavioural data are necessary prerequisites to drive the business. All the data collected from purchases, automotive dealers and manufacturers need to be deduplicated and connected to create a single customer view. 


Meiro collects and connects any data source into one powerful tool – Customer Data Platform. Behavioural data from purchase, website, car shows or customer care are visible in the CDP and can be segmented.


With the pre-build segmentation option or your specific segment, you can optimize your marketing activities to meet your goals and manage a marketing money wastage. Companies that are able to organize their first-party data better can double their incremental revenue from the single ad placement.