New feature to help find more customers: Lookalike Segments

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Meiro’s Lookalike Segments are made to broaden your marketing initiatives' reach, relevance, and Conversion Rates by leveraging CDP attributes and historical behavior to find more users within your CDP database who share characteristics similar to your target audience profiles, enhancing the precision of your targeting.

Pavel Bulowski

CPO | Co-Founder

Meet Lookalike Segments, our newest feature to find more users in your CDP database who share characteristics of your target audience segments, broadening reach, relevance and conversion rates of your marketing campaigns.

It is more powerful than lookalike modeling in 3rd-party advertising platforms for the following reasons:

  • More Precision with CDP Attributes: With Meiro's Lookalike Segments, as a marketer, you get to harness the power of CDP attributes and historical behavior to pinpoint more relevant prospects in your database. This not only boosts precision but also ensures your targeting remains spot-on.
  • Greater Control and Transparency: Meiro empowers you with increased control over the segmentation process. Dive into the insights of your lookalike audiences with greater transparency. This means you can truly understand the nitty-gritty and fine-tune the criteria behind segment creation according to your needs.
  • Industry-Specific Customization: Do you need to tailor segments to the specific nuances of your industry or market? You can achieve this by using custom attributes during the segmentation process, resulting in heightened accuracy and precision in your targeting.
  • Cross-Channel Activation: And the cherry on top—Meiro's Lookalike Segments are not confined to the walled gardens of third-party ad platforms. You have the freedom to export them to virtually any channel of your choice.

Let’s dive deeper into how you can leverage this Meiro upgrade to your benefit.

Expand your target audience segments and reach more customers

Connect with more potential customers who share the same interests and behaviors as your target audience to improve your marketing performance. Lookalike Segments will harness the profile characteristics of your existing audience segments to find more similar prospects in your CDP database. lookalike audiences CDP

Export lookalikes to ANY channel or platform

Send lookalike segments to other tools and platforms and target expanded audiences across Meta Ads, Google, HubSpot, or any other available destination in Meiro Integrations. audience export CDP

Seamlessly activate lookalikes across Meiro’s native channels

Dynamically target lookalikes in our native email and mobile push channels to market to a broader and highly relevant audience without leaving Meiro interface. No exports or CSV manipulation is required. native channel audience activation cdp

Access rich insights to optimize campaigns

Dive deeper into the Lookalike Segment insights and gain a better understanding of your audience characteristics to optimize your messaging and campaign mechanics.

reporting dashboard

Use cases and applications of Lookalike Segments

Discover more leads

Find more users that fit the definition of your profitable customer groups and leverage lookalikes in brand awareness or acquisition campaigns.

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Lower cost per conversion

Harness the power of purchase history, demographics, and CDP attributes to refine your targeting with Lookalike Segments, optimizing your spending for customer acquisition and reducing the cost per conversion.

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Maximize your revenue potential by implementing Lookalike Segments in cross-selling campaigns, reaching users with an affinity for specific products or content.

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Retail media

Leverage lookalikes to maximize ad relevance and likelihood of engagement in order to scale your retail media strategy and improve business results.

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Want to learn more about the feature and how can it be applied across different industries to craft audience segments for lookalike modeling? Visit out documentation for more in-depth outlook on this feature.

Want to find more customers, improve marketing efficiency and ROI?

Look no further. Get in touch with our team of experts to see Meiro Customer Data Platform in action.

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