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The latest feature CDP updates

Meiro Business Explorer | New Releases 0.58

In this release small fixes and updates. Also, see preview of attributes in the segment builder on hover. Are you sure that you know all features of Meiro segmentation, reach out to this article and learn about available conditions and features.   

Meiro Events Monitoring

The Meiro Events Monitoring dashboard is here: Track all your events collected for the last 1 hour. Inspect payloads collected. Set up alerts to get email notifications if events you expect to collect do not appear.   Monitor events collected for the last 1 hour:...

Meiro Business Explorer | New Releases 0.51-0.57

  Beside bug fixes and backend changes that make Meiro quicker and more reliable, we have also couple of interesting new features to announce: Personalize your insights tab: Choose insights that matter. Mark them as favorite to keep them always on the top of the...

Meiro Business Explorer | New Release 0.50.0

For those who wonder how Meiro creates customer profiles, we would like to present "Identity Graph". It is displayed for each customer profile and enables to verify how and what data exactly has been stitched together. With this new feature, Meiro brings even more...

Meiro Business Explorer | New Release 0.49.0

Never setting up Meiro Business Explorer was so quick and easy! Now it is all possible with a few clicks. The exciting new feature of setting your sources, destination, events, attributes and customer identity within Meiro Business Explorer. Meiro implementation has...

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