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Meiro Business Explorer | New Release 0.44.0

Chose to which segment destination you will grant your users access to. This feature may be useful for more complex teams. It will help you to have more control over your users' access levels and make sure that they can export only to the destination they need to....

Meiro Integrations | New Release 0.48.0

With Meiro Integrations 0.48.0, we are introducing the new Kafka loader for Apache Kafka. Information about workers available will be provided in the Monitoring tab, as well as possible to check and set for each workspace. Workers are numbers of configurations that...

Meiro Integrations | New Release 0.47.0

Directed Acyclic Workspaces’ Graph allows you to organize directed acyclic graphs for your workspaces. Drag and drop, connect and set your workspaces together. To learn more about DAWG please refer to this article about the DAWG tab and DAWG detail tab. Delete data...

Meiro Business Explorer | New Release 0.42.0

With this release, we are introducing Smart Segments that will help you to get quick access to the most common segments available for your customer's database and attributes. They can be also a quick starting point for your team or daily segmentation. Copy Smart...